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Getting to know you - a preliminary conversation that would focus on the IDF service in general (change, transition, acclimatization). We will discuss your aspirations, capabilities and concerns, and review together the checklist for the tzav rishon (intial call up notice).

Preparation for personal interview in tzav rishon - provide background about the interview, goals, demeanor during the interview, one-on-one simulation, and feedback.

Yom ha’mea for girls - mental preparation, and personal empowerment.

Preference questionnaire – upon receiving the results of the tzav rishon, we will review the possible options, discuss managing expectations, and fill out the preference questionnaire together.

Afterwards - counseling about selection, courses and IDF positions

My service is tailor-made to each individual’s needs and preferences.

I am here to provide good advice and support, based on my extensive experience and familiarity with the military establishment. A whole new world is opened before the new recruits, interesting and challenging alike. I offer a long-term commitment, accompanying each individual throughout the process, as needed.

I look forward to meeting you!


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LTC (res.) Yifat Raizner


Yehud-Monosson, Israel

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